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What exactly are the different types of applications you offer?

Digital Printing Digital printing uses ink jet technology to apply a logo to a shirt. The ink is absorbed into the fabric becoming part of the shirt. Our digital printer does not contain white ink, as such the colour of the garment effects the colours the logo can be. Darker colours cannot be digitally printed on, for those we offer vinyl printing or embroidery. We use digital printing on 100% cotton garments only.

Sublimation Printing During sublimation printing your logo is infused with the fabric, which means the design is permanent and cannot be felt. Our sublimation method does not contain white ink, as such the colour of the garment effects the colours the logo can be. Darker colours cannot be sublimated on, for those we offer vinyl printing or embroidery. We use sublimation printing on polyester garments only.

Vinyl Printing Vinyl printing is the process of transferring your logo from a media source to the garment. This is done with a heat press and unlike sublimation it sits on top of the garment. In saying this it is barely noticeable, and it has been said that it will last the life of the piece of clothing it is applied to. This is the preferred method for printing on large areas on dark garments. Small vinyl prints aren’t recommended unless they’re in a shape. Vinyl can be applied to most types of materials whether they be dark or light.

Embroidery Embroidery is the process of transferring multiple stitches in the shape of a logo onto a garment. This method works well on most materials and gives a professional finish to any garment. The prices for embroidery on our website are for designs with up to 6000 stitches, if you require a larger logo please contact us for a quote.




How do I get the longest life out of my customised clothing?


    - Wash your clothes with like colours i.e. whites with whites, etc.
    - Use cold water only and wash/dry your garments inside out. (Please note some auto washing machines create their own hot water. To prevent shrinkage with fabrics like cotton make sure to wash them in cold water.)
    - Ensure you use a gentle detergent with no bleaching ingredients. (It is recommended to refrain from using fabric softener to achieve longest life.)
    - Line dry out of direct sunlight.
    - If ironing is required, do so with low heat while the garment is inside out. For vinyl printed areas it is best to also cover the place where the print is with a cotton pressing cloth e.g. a clean dish towel.




How do I know the correct thing will be printed?

When uploading artwork, you have the option to explain exactly what you want. We use this as the main reference when redoing your artwork. Please note that if you change your mind and want something completely different you may be charged. When we have completed your artwork, it will be emailed to you and we will not commence printing until a return email has been received by you, verifying everything is correct. Please be aware that we can make mistakes, so it is up to you to rectify these in the proofs emailed to you.



How long until my order will be dispatched after paying for it?

We use a broad turnaround time of 7 – 21 working days. Generally, it will be completed before this, but we do have to take into consideration things like: ordering stock, creating artwork / digitizing, waiting for artwork approval, bulk orders, current orders in the system / current workload, etc.



Do you deliver to PO boxes?

Our 90% free shipping policy only covers street addresses. If you need your order shipped to a PO box, please contact us for a quote.



Do you offer free shipping?

We do offer free shipping to most parts of the country. If you live in an area we cannot deliver to we will advise you, alternatively you can ask us before ordering. We do not ship out of Australia.



Do you offer free artwork and digitizing setup?

We do. However, it is either one or the other per order. If you require multiple setups, please contact us for a quote.



What if I want multiple logos per garment?

After the first artwork setup per order you will have to pay for additional ones i.e. if you want two other logos per shirt you will have to pay for them to be set up professionally. Please contact us if this is the case.



What If I want more than front and back application?

If you require multiple prints or embroidery e.g. front left chest, front right chest, bac and both sleeves, please call for a quote. We can decorate in most positions so if you require something that isn’t set out on the site please contact us.



How many stitches are in the price for embroidery?

Up to 6000 stitches per logo. If your logo contains more, we will contact you to charge the difference.



What is your policy on returns?

For items that have been printed/embroidered Returns are only accepted if the item itself is faulty. It is up to you to correctly size yourself, follow washing instructions, carefully check artwork proofs, etc. The items will need to be returned to us so the manufacturer can investigate.

For blank items Returns on blank items are only accepted within 14 days of the customer receiving the items

Items need to be returned in their original state with the tags packaging etc in tact if applicable

*Returns on clearance items are not accepted

The cost of shipping for returned items is the responsibility of the buyer and the order cancellation policy applies (see below)


Please note the small order fee for under 12 items is non refundable.



What is your policy on cancelling an order?

If you have made payment and decide you want to cancel your order, we are happy to do so but will keep 20% of the total order cost as a repacking fee and all merchant fees will have to be accounted for by you.



What if I am not home when my order is delivered, or I give you the wrong delivery address?

When your order is dispatched you will receive an email informing you (includes tracking). Once it leaves Safe-T-Rex it is your responsibility.



How do I know the artwork will be the right colour?

We strive to match artwork colours as closely as possible but please note that they may vary depending on garment colour and application method. They may also differ depending on how you are viewing it and what you are viewing it on i.e. a computer screen could have different brightness to a mobile phone. Sizing of logo may alter to fit on different clothing styles. Mock ups may be provided to give you a rough idea of positioning and size.



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We also offer Zip and Afterpay for your convenience to buy now and pay later.



Where are you located?

We work out of a factory in Hervey Bay, QLD but supply all around Australia. Everything is done in house i.e. printing and embroidery.



How can I contact customer service?

Please call 0425 306 157 for any assistance you may need alternatively you can email us at



How do I know my clothing will fit?

All our products have size charts. To ensure you pick the right size do the following: lay a shirt you are comfortable in on the ground, measure it from armpit to armpit and then use this as a guide when picking your size. Please note that different suppliers tend to have different measurements.



What do you consider “Small” and “Large” when it comes to printing/embroidery?

Generally Large is between 25cm-30cm Wide and Small is 8cm to 11cm Wide.



Where it says Front Print or Front Embroidery, where exactly on the front do you mean?

We always stick to the left chest region unless otherwise specified.



Where it says Back Print, where exactly on the back do you mean?

We generally position a back print starting at the shoulder blades unless otherwise specified. For garments with a hood it will generally be printed starting at the middle of the back.



When will I receive an invoice?

A tax invoice will be emailed to you when your order has been completed.