Getting the most out of your printed clothing

Getting the most out of your printed clothing

December 05, 2017

How to care for and wash your printed clothes

Caring for your printed clothing


To get the longest life out of your new printed garments follow these simple tips :)

1. Wash your clothes with like colours (whites with whites etc)

2. Use cold water only and wash/dry your garments inside out
*please note some auto washing machines create their own hot water. To prevent shrinkage with fabrics like cotton make sure to wash them in cold water

3. Ensure you use a gentle detergent with no bleaching ingredients. (it is recommended to refrain from using fabric softer for longest life)

4. Line dry out of direct sunlight

5. If ironing is required, do so with low heat while the garment is inside out. For vinyl it is best to also cover the place where the print is with a cotton pressing cloth (a clean dish towel will do)


Make sure you also read and take into consideration the care instructions on the tag inside your garment.

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